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Rice Paper vs. Icing Sheets

Among the many questions we receive at Cocktail Toppers Pro, one inquiry stands out as the most frequent: the distinction between rice paper and icing. Drawing from our extensive experience, we’re excited to share insights into this culinary conundrum, aiding you in making the best choices before you order your toppers.

Standard Rice Paper: Simple and Cost-Effective

For quite some time, our go-to product was the standard rice paper—a favorite for those seeking an affordable way to enhance their cupcakes. With a thickness of 0.44mm, this thin and flexible paper possesses a slight translucency, often seen in toppers accompanying themed supermarket cupcake kits.

Ideal for straightforward designs like logos and cartoons, these toppers absorb ink well. However, caution is warranted with dark or black images, as bleeding may occur into lighter areas. While versatile, standard rice paper should be added judiciously, as it tends to swell when in contact with icing, especially when placed on piped surfaces.

The A4 sheets’ flexibility lends itself to creative applications, from wrapping around large cakes to crafting curved decorations like printed photo strips or banners.

Premium Rice Paper: Easiest and Most Reliable

Our best-selling product, the premium rice paper, boasts a thickness of 0.7mm, an opaque off-white colour, and a smooth sheen finish reminiscent of thin cardstock. Positioned as a mid-range option, it strikes a balance between ease of use and affordability.

Perfect for buttercream-topped cupcakes, these toppers maintain firmness for days, offering excellent print quality for high-resolution images. However, it’s essential to note that premium rice paper is not suitable for regal or fondant icing, given its brittleness. Opt for the standard paper or explore our icing discs for non-flat surfaces.

Icing Sheets: Best Quality For Cupcakes

For great quality in terms of thickness (approximately 1mm), flexibility, and finish, our icing sheets take the cake—literally. This premium product drapes over your cake like a second skin, making it ideal for fondant or regal icing finishes. However, caution is advised when piping toppings onto cakes to avoid uneven surfaces.

The A4 icing sheets’ flexibility extends to wrap-arounds and curved decorations, delivering a more impressive finish compared to standard rice paper.

If you fancy icing discs on your cupcakes that stay firm, consider backing them with white chocolate discs. To facilitate this, we now stock chocolate silicon stencils compatible with both sizes of our icing cupcake toppers, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Your Personal Taste Test

Curious to experience the difference for yourself? We’ve introduced sample packs for you to explore the nuances between our topper varieties. If you’d like one sent to you, reach out via email or include a note in the special instructions box with your next order. For cocktail toppers sizes, get in touch and we will be able to advise you.

At Cocktail Toppers Pro, we’re here to demystify the world of edible drink toppers, making your culinary journey as sweet and seamless as possible.

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